“Tomorrow” Products

I just watched the interview of De Liu who is the co-founder of Xiaomi technology company. He mentioned many times the products of tomorrow. There are tremendous inventions emerging in the market everyday, but what products can be identified as “tomorrow” products? In fact, the products belonging to tomorrow are the products which are very easy to be approved by market. Instead, while the customers use the new products, they get rid of the old products.

In spite of the emotional relationship of some traditional products utilized in our lives, it does not mean people can not become obsessed with the new products. For example, the electric tooth brush is very convenient and easy for people to clean teeth. Hence, most of the people will not use a traditional tooth brush again. Therefore, we can be confident to say this is a tomorrow product. There is not any definition for a tomorrow product. It is just a concept for us to understand the position of a product in the market.

In addition, no one product can exist in the market forever. Fierce competition in any industry has required the companies to innovate and invent better products in the future. Currently, manufacturers are the dominant force in the market; however, in the future customer demand should be switched to the dominant force. Once the company can get the trust from the clients, it has become a strong rival in this industry. Meanwhile, the steady growth of a brand is also connected with the loyalty customers who can offer the feedback and demand to improve products efficiently.


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