New scheme new market

Smartphone market is a huge market, so many hardware companies are also dedicated to involving in this field to get profits. Huawei is a iconic global Chinese company in the world which has an influential reputation. In China, one of the big competitors towards Apple is Huawei. In CES, Huawei has a big scale booth to display their new products to the world. In fact, this is not the unique Chinese company wants to launch American market. However, as a tech drive company, Huawei has abundant techniques to support their D&R; in addition, they registered numerous patents to protect their invents in time. In fact, the cooperation with the carriers is a main sell channel for most smartphone company. Nevertheless, carriers are pleasure to get contract with famous smartphone brands to attract more users. In the USA, there are 8 operators: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless, TracFone Wireless, MetroPCS, U.S. Cellular and Criket Communications. Most of the operators are private enterprises and they spend tons of money in public advertisements. There are no any limit policies for users to choose the carriers, but the main-stream carriers are AT&T, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless.

For these three main carriers, they have different strengths in the market. Verizon, it is the biggest provider of cable communications and voice communications. Verizon is the unique carrier in these three which uses CDMA net model. Certainly, due to the huge scale, it can provide data to users in the remote districts. AT&T is short by American Telephone & Telegraph which is the second big carriers in the USA. Specially, it is the first collaborator with iPhone which has numerous Apple users. Significantly, if any smartphone company can get cooperation with AT&T, priority to compete with iPhone to grab iPhone users in AT&T. The fact is most of the users accustoming to use the phone number the whole life. If there is no any inevitable reasons to change carriers, the users prefer to hold the phone number. However, the users are willing to attempt some new smartphone brands, if some big deals or services could be offered by the carrier. T-Mobile was established in 1990, but it has occupied the second big GSM carrier in American market. The signal cover is almost 99.5% of the population. The quantity of current users is 0.121 billion in the world.

According to the data of IDC, worldwide smartphone output in second quarter reports Samsung is the first, 7.98 million; Apple is the second, 4.1 million; Huawei is the third, 3.85 million. It is not a big difference between Apple and Huawei; only 0.25 million. Referring to the success of ZTE in American market, Huawei initially negotiated with AT&T to reinforce the strengths to compete with Apple. We are anticipating to witness the Chinese brand to be successful in American market. It would provide some precious lessons to more Chinese brands to realize globalization. huawei-logo-1


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