Information security in mobile devices

There are copious amounts of mobile phone brands in the market. Smartphone brands can integrate different advanced technologies together to release new version of the phone fast. However, most of the smartphone brands are lack of the research on the core technology. As a mobile device, its optimization of hardwares and softwares are the significance. In addition, the compatibility of the system is also extremely crucial for every smartphone. The competition between Samsung and Apple is mainly in the market orientation. When every new version of the phone launches in the market, it is not the deal of the phones. Any small changed of the phones would impact some relative industries. For instance, if the new iPhone has some new designs, the iPhone accessories brands have to update the products to satisfy the market. Moreover, with the new ISO11 system would release soon, the developers are focusing on the new system to create some more new applications to fit the new functions.

In terms of the current mobile devices market, most of the phone brands just need to consider the cost of the manufactures, because they just need to order the parts to assemble in the factories accordingly. According to the rumor of the new iPhone, the big change of the new iPhone would be redesigned with OLED model. Moreover, information security has been more and more important for the users. So the rumor said  an engineer confirmed finger printer Touch ID would be replaced by facial recognition ID which will protect users’ privacies easily. Although this is not an innovational creativity, it would be the first time to be applied in a phone. As a main point, the revolution of the smartphone is significant to execute an iconic theme in current market. Nevertheless, smartphone is a kind of ordinary product for customers. Therefore, the guide of the product concept would orientate the users to have a new user experience. But the new design is necessary to fit the development of the society, and it should be on purpose to promote users’ experiences. Additionally, the rumor mentions the front camera sensor would apply infrared technology rather than the traditional visional light. This improvement could improve the security of the device effectively. Due to more concerns on data, private information could provide more evidences for the data analysis. Consequently, information security has to be improved in our mobile devices.


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