Traditional writing and writing online

I have written blogs in WordPress almost 4 months. During this period, I also explored sorts of methods to improve my language and expression methods. Although my type speech has been absolutely increased, it was not the best way to stimulate our memories to gain all the new information. According to my recent reading and writing experience, switch of traditional writing and writing online should be frequently to ignite our brain cells in order to acknowledge the information maximumly.

In fact, writing is not just a kind of record method for me. Due to the openness of social media, when you post a article to the website, you would like to hook some reflection from your friends who you have known or who you have not known. Interestingly, interaction is the most precious part in writing online, because any blogger is accustomed to check the posts. As a single unit, every reply in social media is the mirror of us. Contrarily, traditional writing is a kind of self-reflection which is hidden under the table. However, traditional pen writing is an efficient approach to reinforce our memories. Generally, multiple senses and organs can be involved into the writing; our brains have to operate smartly and continuously.

Current content media market is extremely hot. In my opinion, contents are the foundation of the social media. If the media does include any valuable contents, no one can keep attention on the track. This is a main reason of the fast development of many public accounts which are play the role of a media to teach and interact with every Internet user. In terms of contents, it can be divided into these categories: photos, words, videos, audios and animations. Most of time, all these elements are integrated together to show up in the media. But if we just focus on any independent content, it also can be very effective to convey the information. In spite of sorts of social applications in the market, each of them has their own features to connect with users efficiently. All in all, words are the basic contents to communicate with each one. Swinging between online writing and handwriting would be as ideal choice to be sophisticated in contents media, especially the communication of brain contents.


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