Where is the time

There are two things which are limit for us to spend: electronic power and time. But where is the time? In fact, most of the time is spent on the Internet. According to the current report, Social network and online shopping are the main topic for most the Internet users in the USA. 1/5 of Americans spend their time on the Internet; meanwhile, 1.7 hours is cost on Internet everyday per person. Shockingly, approximately 81% Americans have social accounts. Certainly, Facebook is the main stream social media in the USA, and it has around 42% users. In addition, Youtube, Google+, Twitter are the basic social platforms; photo social is also a big market includes: Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, etc. Generally, Snap has become the third poplar telecommunication application, and it has almost 3.6 million activated users online. 79% Internet users also can purchase online. Deservedly, 79% Americans go shopping online. This is a significant reason to explain the fast development of the e-commerce. Predictably, more and more retailer hope to the cakes in this big market. However, the biggest e-commercial winner is Amazon. EBAY, Walmart and Apple also are the pioneers in this e-commerce. In terms of the Internet segments, if the users have high educational background and high wage, they spend more time on Internet. This is a positive signal for the online sellers to watch the fat wallets.


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