Farms in the future

More and more investors start to concern on farms. In fact, food security and starvation are the big social issues in every country. In spite of the fast development of the technology, it did not impact the agriculture directly.

Plenty is a farm startup company which is dedicated to developing the healthy food for people in the world. They are growing food that does. One special point of this company is they advocate the indoor farms which produce food on beautiful wall. This kind of image we might see in movies, but it is definitely the future farms in cities. Generally, the smart city needs a smart systematic process to mange all the phases integrating together efficiently. The essentials of the city is affordable food to the communities. Even though many restrictions punched our lives to be nervous with natural resources. The war of the humans would be the competition of resources. Currently, the big countries in the world have their own national grain storehouses to storage a great deal of grain for any sudden incidents or natural disasters. For Plenty, it is using advanced growing methods specially designed for low water use in reality. The reusing of water is fundamentally designed by sane controlling of temperature, light and humidity. According to the report of Plenty, they can grow up to 350 times as much as produce per square foot as a conventional farm, while just using one percentage of the the water. And by locating their farms close to where people live, they can have their produce on your table within a day of being picked – and cut our carbon footprint at the same time.

In addition, the new indoor farms will save tons of money in transportations. Saving time on the roads and saving money from the suppliers would be another absolute strengths for the new farms realized in our daily lives.

Therefore, Softbank spends 0.2 billion dollars to plenty to impulse the development of the new farms. Certainly, investors hope their money can conquer the future in some new fields successfully.crops-indoor-farming


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