Wildness is the authentic home

Hiking would be the most popular outdoor activities in PNW in summer. I could understand the differences between hiking and travel. Road trips would be the main travel method for me when I came to the USA one year ago. Due to the environment change, hiking become to attract me to walk in wildness and access what I did not see before. In fact, hiking also has different risk level. If you want to gain a fantastic hiking experience, you have to fully prepare. There are ternary impacts for me to love hiking in this summer.

Firstly, hiking is the simple challenge for humans to survive in the nature. For example, while I meet some parents carrying their little kids in the forest, the idea for me is to cultivate my kids similarly in the future. Independence is the basic quality for everyone in the life. Moreover, the little kids do not have initiate ability to determine anything, but the parents can offer their opportunities to feel whatever they will face in the future. As my own experience, I begin to comprehend the morals value and normal values in the world, after my entire life completely got rid of the parents’ protection. However, the lessons from seniors and textbook are not the reliable evidences to support us in some unknown situations. Hiking could teach me to think independently in the nature.

Secondly, mobile devices have been the constraint of most young people who live the cities. Meanwhile, if we can be free from the electronic devices for a while, even one day, it would be a treasure experience for us. Long time ago, when I was in the distant area, no service could make me be in fear of the isolation. On the contrary, I would like to enjoy the rare time to be loss control of myself. In reality, most of the people are lack of the sense of the security, so they are too timid to attempt something new. Nevertheless, hiking provides me to chance to be brave and deposit the mobile devices away. Definitely, we need to encourage ourselves to stimulate the brains.

Thirdly, the spirit of discovery is the motivation of cultivation. Hiking in the secret, virgin, gorgeous forest is the best approach for us to make a conversation with the earth. We wish to keep balance of our inside and outside, and the nature is the best tool to help us. Poetic distance is hard to touch, but our feet could measure the size of our aspirations. IMG_4536


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