Why i write here

My writing tutor showed me this blog website several days ago. Due to my photograph project, I asked her to give me some suggestions about the project. She told me this is a public blog website in the USA. If I have any good ideas, i can write down my ideas here and copy the link to share anywhere. But, this is not the real reason for me to write here.

Nowadays, more and more applications on mobile devices are appearing everywhere in our daily life. Massive information is plugging into our time. For instance, the noticifications of mobile devices that require fragments(segements) of time to read impacts our schedules frequently. Turning to a topic related to the methods of communication offers me more thinking. I talked with my friend in the university that traditional letters could be more efficient for people to touch emotion. Although emails and messages are more convenient and environmentally friendly, it is hard to interpret someone’s vibe immediately. This is the first reason why i want to write here.

In addition, some unforgettable memories flashed into my brain everyday. Some of these experiences are clear to memorize, but some of them are pretty fuzzy. In order to keep them stopping in my mind. The best method is to write down them to share with others. If i record here, it is possible to talk most of them with others in the future.

Furthermore, writing is a good approach to organize our knowledge. 《The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing》is a best seller book in the market to discuss how to tidy up everything in our life. This is a kind of philosophy. The stuff in a mess can be reordered by hands, but ideas in the mind are very difficult to align. As a person has high-lever attitude towards the life, i need to start to clear what i think and what happened for me before.

At last, i am challenging myself to write one blog everyday. No matter how busy i am; how tired i am; where i am. Giving a chance to myself to achieve a promise.


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